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Learn how to use KittyCAD to build cat trees from scratch or load pre-built solutions from other creative cats! In this short youtube video demo we go through the basics and how you can have an epic cat tree solution in a few moments! Click the play button below you'll see it's super fun and easy!

Learn construction patterns. See for yourself.

Experience the ease of following step by step videos on how to build every part so you can make your cats plans a reality!

Enjoy. For years to come.

We know you and your cat will enjoy your custom cat tree design for years to come. If you allow us, we would like to publish your solution for other enthusiasts in the KittyCAD solutions section honoring your design with a title of your choice! Then you could post your solution on your Facebook page for friends to review! Just email your solution to us or if you are a programmer branch off the solutions repository and create a merge request!

Project References


The following tools can be used to complete projects.

Budget Tools

Hand Saw (Vertical Cuts) Hand Compass Saw (Circular Holes) Razor Blade / Carpet Knife (Cutting Carpet) Hammer (Nails) Hand Screw Driver Wood Grips (Hold Wood To Glue Carpet) Kreg Jig (optional)

Power Tools

Circular Saw (Veritcal Cuts) Drill (Pilot Holes)


Certain materials can be purchased at your local carpet or hardware store for much less than buying them online. The cost of materials will vary by location and store, however, the table below gives you an idea of the cost of materials for your cat’s project. The measured dimensions column gives you a reference to KittyCAD model proportions. If you purchase materials at Home Depot you can request to have them cut prior to checkout.

Material Stock Measured Dimensions (H x W x L) or (D x L) Approximate Cost (USD)
1x4 8ft0.75" x 3.5" x 96"4.74
2x2 8ft1.5" x 1.5" x 96"3.47
2x3 8ft1.5" x 2.5" x 96"2.12
2x4 8ft1.5" x 3.5" x 96"2.86
2x6 8ft1.5" x 5.5" x 120"8.38
8ft Landscape Timber2.75" x 4" x 96"3.87
4x4 8ft3.5" x 3.5" x 96"9.97
1/2 4x8 Plywood0.5" x 48" x 96"31.95
12" x 48" Concrete Tube Form11.625" x 48"12.97


Kitty Tree Planner was started by entrepreneur Felis Catus after spending a lot of time on kitty realtor searching for the purrfect cat tree. Being a software developer he wondered why after buying an overpriced cat tree he couldn't just learn to refurbish or replace the worn out parts! So he created this site for cool cats surfing the internet to empower them to build custom, affordable cat trees based on open source technologies. If you are into DIY, you can follow step by step tutorials and build your dream cat tree! Welcome to Kitty Tree Planner!

Primary Contact

Official Certified Builders:

Certified builders are required to prove they can build cat trees to satisfactory standards. The hope is that eventually customers will be able to order solutions using Paypal, however, we are not at that point yet. Please contact us about becoming a certified builder! Then you can get a cool side job while enabling KittyCAD to spread across the globe!

Builder City State Country
Felis Catus Valparaiso Indiana USA